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Reviews from Men:

"I can't imagine what life would have been like..."

"When I started losing my hair, everyone told me it was genetic. And yet I had this gut feeling that it wasn't genetic, that it was something wrong with my body that was causing me to go bald. While doing my research, I came across the Science of Hair Growth and read it cover to cover. The information in it was more than enough to convince me to try Stimulair, and all I can say is WOW I am so happy I did. I can't imagine what life would have been like had I not tried it. It's so great to have my problem completely reversed and my confidence back! I've just started seeing a new girlfriend and so I wanted to write this mail to say THANKS! Couldn't have done it without you!"
age 38, TX
"A good system"

"I tried Stimulair on the recommendation of a friend. Althought I didn't see results as good as his, at least my problem isn't getting any worse. Stimulair is a good system. I do enjoy the shampoo and conditioner quite a bit. My old shampoo and conditioner was loaded with parabens and sulfates, and I expect this was at least partially causing my hair loss in the first place. Glad to see you guys don't use any of that junk in your products. "
age 40, MI
"My father was completely bald... I thought I would be too"

"Stimulair is a man's best friend -or at least it has been mine. I've been taking it for three months now and it's absolutely stunning the difference it has made in my life. My fether was completely bald, and I always thought I would be too. Thanks Stimulair, you and the entire Allied Natural Team have really done your homework on this one. Incredible. "
age 26, Calgary
"I think I would freak out if my monthly Stimulair didn't come"

"Around age 26 I started really freaking out. When I kept my hair long, I felt like I was covering up who I was. When I cut my hair short, I was horrified by how thin my hair had gotten. I kept going back and forth between short hair and long hair, trying to transition to baldness, knowing the day was quickly approaching when I would have to shave my head completely bald. At my worst, I spent hours looking at pictures of Vin Deiseland Bruce Willis and Michael Stipe, trying to convince myself that being bald "wasn't so bad." Then I found the Stimulair website and was intrigued. I had no idea that so many different things play a role in hair growth. I tried it, honestly, with the plan of taking it for one month and returning th eempty bottle for a refund. Well, six months later I think I would freak out if my monthly Stimulai didn't come in the mail. It has been an absolute blessing. You guys rock. "
age 30, GA
"Finally said goodbye to the toupee"

"Well I've been wearing a toupee for the last five years of my life. At first it felt really weird, but then it became normal. And yet it was always my "dirty little secret" -I never wanted anyone to know. In fact, I was always paranoid about whether people knew or not that I was wearing a toupee. Someone, I forget who, told me to try Stimulair because they had heard good things, so I gave it a shot. I'm writing you this note today, five months later, to say I threw out my toupee. I can't tell you how good that makes me feel. I really can't express it enough how happy I am. "
Derek P
age 55, TN
"Try going through college with a bald spot"

"I don't know what was causing this to happen since baldness doesn't really run in my family, but by my junior year of college I totally had a bald spot at the top of my head. I was so self conscious about it that words can't even describe how much I thought about it, and how insecure I was about it. One night I was up till 5am just thinking about it and doing research on the internet and that's when I decided to try Stimulair. It's now almost the end of my senior year and I've seen a complete reversal. That Stimulair is magical stuff. "
age 20, MA
"Downloaded your e-Book"

"Hi, I just wanted to write in and say that I downloaded your science of hair growth ebook and shared it with my doctor. I had an appointment to talk about my thinning hair, and brought it along. He agreed with all your findings and so I went to the store to buy all the supplements I needed and wow! it was expensive. So then I said well wait a minute, doesn't Stimulair have all this in it at a fraction of the price? So instead of buying all those supplements individually I just bought Stimulair and so far it's working great! It's certainly more cost effective. "
age 47, ID
"Now my father has even started taking it"

"I was only 18 when I started experiencing thinning hair. Even though it runs in my family, I thought it was a little too early to start losing my hair. My grandfather didn't start losing his hair until his late 20's. I must say, I started to panic. I hadn't even finished my freshman year of college yet, and I couldn't think who would want to emlpoy a bald college graduate. My mom knew how I was feeling, and signed me up for Stimulair. I thought she was crazy, that no pill could give me back what I was losing. I don't know what it was... but it did wonders. Now my father has even started taking it after seeing how much it helped me!"
age 24, CT
"Such an incredible time we live in"

"This is such an incredible time we live in. Having been mostly bald for the last 15 years of my life, I have spent a lot of time just wondering when science was going to catch up with hair loss and fix this once and for all. After a few months using Stimulair, I'm so excited to realize that that time is now! Science has finally caught up and figured out everything you need to get your hair growing. Excellent job. "
age 50, Maine
"So glad there's a natural solution out there..."

"Well after my first month on Stimulair I can say that it is pretty much doing exactly what I had hoped. So glad there is a natural solution out there without side effects. A friend of mine going through a similar situation started using Minoxidil and that just made his hair fall out faster. Thanks to everyone at Stimulair for doing what you do."
age 41, NY
"Huge sigh of relief"

"I just turned 20 and and after a year of going back and forth (read: denial) I have finally come to terms with the fact that I am going bald. My father, grandpa, and uncles are all bald. I realize that this doesn't necessarily mean for sure that I will be, but it doesn't help either. My whole life I have always had really thick hair but now it's changing and getting scraggly and thin. For the last year I've tried to just forget it. I tried telling myself that there are so many bald men and that I wouldn't care if I was totally bald by thirty. Then as it started getting worse I realized that I don't really feel this way, I was just trying to make myself feel better and it wasn't working.

That's when I found Stimulair. At first I just read the ebook Science of Hair Growth. A lot of the things it said made a lot of sense and it was certainly well researched. So I decided to give it a shot. Whatever was wrong with my body, Stimulair seems to have totally corrected it. No more scraggliness. No more thinning. Huge sigh of relief. "
age 20, USA
"Talk about success!"

"As my hair loss became worse, I tried to compensate by doing everything I could think of from buying nicer clothes to improving my shaving skills and even getting invisalign braces (at a cost of $5000) to improve my appearance. And yet I was devestated. All of the improvements I was trying to make were worthless the worse my hair loss got. I was having the worst experience of my life, obsessing about it every day, not wanting to get up in the morning. I was depressed. At some point I tried Stimulair, and saw nothing in the first month. I kept on it out of despair. The second month it seemed like maybe? my hair was thickening but I couldn't really tell. Months 4 and 5 blew me away. Talk about success! I couldn't believe it."
age 36, NV
"My favorite hair product"

"I've tried so many different things to try to get my hair loss under control and Stimulair is definitely my favorite because it's the only one that actually does anything. Keep it coming!"
age 46, NY
"Night and Day"

"What's the difference before taking Stimulair and after? Night and day. Photos enclosed. "
age 36, MO
"Not seeing results yet"

"I just wanted to write in and say that I've been taking Stimulair for three weeks now and I haven't noticed any results yet. However, I really like the shampoo and conditioner."
age 40, GA
"Try it!"

"All I can say about Stimulair is try it! It is by far the best system on the market. I've tried them all."
age 39, NH
"Back in the game"

"I've been taking Stimulair for 4 months now and finally starting to see some great results. It's all coming in. AND I'm happy to report that I have not one but three dates this week with three lovely ladies and I don't mind saying that I owe it all to you guys. No lady wants to date a guy with thinning hair, it's a red flag to them. I'm just happy I'm out of that and back in the game!
age 40, CA
"Got it for my son"

"When my son's hair started thinning, I knew I had to act fast. I didn't want him to suffer the same fate as me, with total baldness. And I knew that addressing the problem earlier, rather then later, gave the highest chance that something could be done to fight the oncoming baldness. So I got him Stimulair and in the 6 months he's been taking it, it has done wonders. I think we got to him just in time. Thanks for making a quality product. "
age 60, CT
"It just feels good to know that something is finally working"

"I'm 34 years old, started thinning at 24/25, tried over the counter things like Nioxin, Minoxidil, and hope. A year ago I started taking propecia but that did nothing and I was growing increasingly concerned about some weird side effects. I was also considering getting a hair transplant, maybe a few thousand units. To put things simply, hair loss sucks. It has effected me so hard. So it was out of this desperation, and hope, that I tried Stimulair. I think it was the information in your ebook that convinced me to give it a try. Now I'm seeing really good progress. The progress is slow, but it's definitely working and I'm hopeful that a year or two down the road, with continual progress, I'll be back to "normal". Either way, it just feels good to know that something is finally working."
age 34, NC
"I was thinking of a transplant..."

"Before finding Stimulair I was thinking of a transplant. I had a lot of recession of my hair line which seemed to just be getting worse by the day. My ultimate concern was that I would end up totally bald like my dad. Needless to say that would make it nearly impossible to get a girl. I just decided early on that this look isn't right for me. So I got a few consultations at some hair transplant clinics and ultimately held off because I heard some horror stories about things going horrible wrong with scarring and plugginess. Anyway, that's when I decided to try Stimulair. I still can't believe that it worked as well as it did. It's just been such an emotional rollercoaster, from being up and having everything to the sinking feeling of it all being taken away (baldness), to being back up again. I'm just glad I found you. "
age 34, USA
"No side effects please"

"Well I know I'm a little old to be worrying about this, having been mostly bald for at least the last ten years. But lately I've just been more self conscious about it, feeling like I used to feel when I was 30. Maybe it's because of my recent divorce and being "back on the market." Anyway, I was going to try propecia, but then I heard that it makes you impotent and if there's one thing worse than trying to date while being bald, it's being bald and impotent! So I was looking around for an all natural solution, and read your eBook on the science of hair loss through from cover to cover. Good stuff! So I tried it and I'm seeing great improvement with no side effects. Terrific!"
age 50, UT
"Overall I'm happy"

"Unlike most people, my hair loss was rapid and unexpected. I woke up one morning and my pillow was covered in hair. The doctors were baffled and my girlfriend broke up with me. It felt like my life was ending. I started taking your product. I'v seen improvement. However, I'm still not back ot where I was before. Overall I'm happy, but it would have been nice to see a little more regrowth."
age 31, FL

Reviews from Women:

"The Stimulair Program is so unique and actually works..."

"I began losing hair four years back and went to my doctor who did blood work. well the results came back ok and so he told me there was nothing that could be done and that my hair was "definitely gone and never coming back". fast forward four months and I practically didn't have any hair left on my head. I know it's not so bad me being older and all (I can't imagine how I'd feel going through this at 20) but still I get a really awful feeling when my four young boys would use my wigs as footballs. yes, I was using wigs. Anyway, I figured I'd give this Stimulair thing a shot because I had it seemed interesting, and after just a few months of sticking to the system, my hair was starting to look pretty amazing. Now, I no longer need any of my wigs and my hair looks like it did when I was 20! Stimulair has got to be the best product if you want to get results. It couldn't be easier. Just two pills a day and one wash with the shampoo."
"The answers I was looking for"

"My hair had been thinning rather noticeably, so I made an appointment with a dermatologist. She diagnosed me with alopecia. I forget which type. In fact, I didn't agree with her and neither did my hair stylist, who said that he didn't think it was alopecia because there were no circular patches of loss, just loss of thickness overall. For example, when I would part my hair, the part would gradually get wider and wider. Strangely enough, I never noticed hair falling out like on my pillow or in the drain. I reviewed the testimonials for Stimulair, and signed up for the monthly program. I was incredibly impressed, and after just one week I saw immediate results. I've stuck with it, and now you can never tell I've had a problem."
43, ND
"Your system works when nothing else does"

"This was my first time trying the Stimulair system, but been thinking about buying for a month. I'm just about 47 years young. I've always had thicker hair that was long and straight. And then I had 4 kids (my youngest is now 12). Each pregnancy I'd see a lot of postpartum hair loss but it would always regrow, though never quite back to normal. Now my mother and sisters have thinner hair than me, but not noticeably thinner. I never blow dried my hair or curled it, and over the last couple years I have used color, mostly to cover up some gray hairs. My usual hair loss pattern was that longer hairs would shed & would be very noticeable in the shower drain, sink, on clothes, etc. It didn't bother me much and seemed normal overthe years.

Then around eight months ago I noticed that my shorter hairs were shedding for the first time. Now, most of the shedding is hairs that are just a few inches long, and not mostly the longer hairs. Now here's the interesting part. When I looked closely at the shorter hairs I was shedding, they always had the bulb at the end. Also I began noticing more fine, hairline-like hairs falling out. I wash my hair about every other day and I would count my hairs after shampooing and I'd lose about 300 -and that was just after shampooing. I did notice it get worse after having my hair collored -she used some kind of thickener on my hair which irritated my scalp and made it red/itchy/burning.

I got blood work done. I had my hormones tested, my thyroid tested, my iron levels, you name it, ANA, CBC, DHEA all came back fine. Then I went to a dermatologist who diagnosed me with alopecia and prescribed me a steroid and antiinflammatory (I think it was Clobetasol). She also told me to use 2% Rogaine and then simply left before answering any of my questions although she did say that they would take a scalp biopsy to find out conclusively if it was alopecia, but that I should use Rogaine regardless. That Clobetasol maybe helped a little bit with the itching and burning, but did nothing for my hair loss. The Rogaine just left my scalp irritated so I was afraid to use it any more thinking it was going to make more hair fall out. I made an appointment with a second dermatologist who looked at a few of my hairs with a microscope and told me that the ends of most of my hair were tapered -whatever that means. He also said that the scalp biopsy the last dermatologist ordered was basically pointless. Neither dermatologist thought I had female pattern alopecia. The second one said that Rogaine probably wouldn't do anything, but did give me a weaker topical steroid to help with the itching and burning and told me to take a multivitamin. The topical steroid just made the itching and burning worse and made the hair loss worse too. The second dermatologist said that most dermatologists don't do much with hair loss.

I also went to a hair transplant doctor who said I wasn't a candidate because I have too much hair and basically told me not to worry about it that I "looked fine." The doctor told me that she had never seen someone with alopecia totalis who wasn't dead in a few months. What was really insulting was when she told me she thought I was pulling my hair out or combing it too much. I think I would know if I was combing my hair too much. I wouldn't recommend that doctor to anyone. Horrible.

Next I went to a wig salon and they gave me a scalp cleanser, and a special shampoo and conditioner. I noticed with this that a main ingredient was alcohol which just made things worse. They tried to sell me on what they called a "Micro Point Solution" which is essentially a synthetic hair that they attach to your existing hair to give it a thicker look. Another salon wanted to weave in a bunch of extensions in the back of my head. I've probably been to every internet website on hair loss looking for information. I tried the Nisim shampoo, which was supposed to stop hair loss in a week -it didn't. I tried an apple cider vinegar rinse which was supposed to make the hair thicker -it didn't. And the hair support scalp cleanser did nothing. For as long as I can remember I've had problems with anxiety and depression, and with the hair loss stress became an issue, and honestly I think that these all became a MUCH LARGER issue due to these unanswerable medical problems (hair loss). It started to consume my day. I would spend hours thinking about it and looking in the mirror and crying crying crying. I was going off my antidepressants but had to start up again because I was just so sad. From an inellectual standpoint I realize the vanity in being so concerned about one's hair but I just can't stop feeling horrible about this. Before starting Stimulair I decided to get rid of all the mirrors in my house.

One day my dermatologist just got back from a conference, and recommended the Stimulair system. We went over your e-Book together, The Science of Hair Growth and she agreed with everything and thought it was great information and said it made much more sense to buy the single supplement that had all the vitamins and amino acids and enzymes than to get them all individually. So I purchased it along with the shampoo and conditioner and was very good about keeping up with it day to day. Almost immediately, within the first week, I noticed slight improvement. It just got better from there.

This system is genius and works when nothing else does, as my story shows. "
age 47, Alberta
"Your Stimulair System is working"

"I have really experienced the entire spectrum of emotions from initial horror and shock to overwhelming grief and sorrow crying at the thought of wigs to, finally, great relief ... at finding such a wonderful resource as Hair Innovations and your Stimulair system. I consider myself incredibly blessed to have a partner who supports me, even if he doesn't totally understand what I'm going through. And yet, nothing compares to finding something that actually works, with results you can see as each day goes by. I have been on the program for four months with the shampoo and conditioner and supplement and I can honestly say that my problem is improving. Your Stimulair system is working for me! "
age 50, FL
"For the first time in my life I have full hair"

"I am 29 years old and living in southern virginia. A few months ago I noticed a random bald patch on the right side of my head just over my ear. I started freaking out about how it could just happen overnight like that. looking back I feel like it had most likely been thinning over time, and I just didn't notice. But still, ever since I was little I always had lots of hair. So I scheduled an appointment with my General Care who said it looked like my hair had been pulled out which is reasonable because I did have two young childern and my daughter has pulled my hair -but never pulled it OUT. Little by little the patch grew and after watching it grow for two months I finally got a referral to a dermatologist who supposedly spcialized in this. That's when the problems started. The derm. gave me a prescription medication that was basically a nasty grease that smelled horrible. Then to my horror I started getting a patch in the same place on the other side of my head. The derm gave me steroid shots on both sides. That seemed to stop the loss but I wasn't seeing any regrowth. What bothered me most about the dermatologist is every time I would see him he'd come in and ask me how my skin was doing. it was so insulting. not only did he not remember me each month but he obviously didn't even so much as look at the chart before entering the room. And every time I would tell him that it's my hair, not my skin. Honestly I can't remember a single time he ever really examined my scalp. Upset, I asked my insurer for a second opinion. My new dermatologist informed me that the other dermatologist I had been seeing had recently been in jail on fraud charged. (seriously!). I had the scalp biopsy after lots of begging and that was when I was diagnosed with alopecia areata. It was a devastating blow to my character. I started thinking about it every second of the day. The new dermatologist started giving me steroid shots in the back of my head because I had just shed so much in the last few months. I mean I would wake up covered in hair all over my clothes and pillow and bedding. I would just spend hours crying. I was so depressed.

Allied Natural was actually holding a seminar a talk in my town, and I went after reading about it in the newspaper. Let me just say that the information in your book was exactly what I had been looking for. Thanks to you, I became educated on what my body needed to grow normal healthy hair. I immediately began taking the supplement, which I was drawn to because it was safe and non-toxic, and (thankfully!) actually worked without all the side effects of the other stuff. I immediately pretty quick. It's so nice now to not worry about those patches anymore. I was really good about taking it every day, and I honestly think that for this to work for you, all you have to do is just keep with it everday. Thank god for Stimulair -it has been such a blessing in my life when every other turn was a dead end. "
age 29, VA
"My hair is growing like I'm 14 again"

"My thick, long, beautiful hair started falling out at about age 18 - I'm now 24. I had tried just about everything you can think of. Obviously there is so much information out there and it is so confusing and the doctors usually seem to know less than I do, having obsessed about this and done so much research over the internet. I began by trying all sort of different things. I tried the laser comb, I tried a hair stimulator, I tried reducing my carbohydrated, low GI diets, and MSM. MSM was supposed to rid my body of toxins and help my hormones break down. None of it did anything, not even the hair stimulator. Nothing was working.

I did try taking Dong Quai which was recommended to me by the lady at the health food store, but I stopped taking that because it made my menstrual cycle really heavy.

FINALLY, I tried the Stimulair Program after reading through your informational e-Book. It sounded like a great idea to just address all the possible causes of my hair loss at once. I love the way the shampoo makes my hair tingle that I can actually feel it working. And since I've been taking the supplement I've started feeling more energetic than ever before in my life. It's just so clear to me that there is something in there that my body needs and wasn't getting. Now, after using it for a few months, my hair is growing just like when I was 14 again. Full and thick and shiny. Amazing! Stimulair is the best. "
age 24, Kansas
"My husband has his lovely bride back"

"Even though I'm not in my thirties, I still plan on being 29 for the rest of my life!! About three years ago I noticed I was having a hair loss problem. I started blaming it on all sorts of things like vitamin deficiencies, protein deficiencies, inadequate scalp care, too much stress, not enough exercise, lack of oxygen, you name it! I even thought it could be from clothing that was too tight!

First I tried a series of dietary changes. Then I started doing more exercise, pilates, yoga, etc. I changed shampoos like I changed my underwear. The hair loss continued and increased at an alarming rate. It brought me to tears almost on a daily basis, as I would watch hair form huge balls in the shower and completely fill my brush.

After two years it really hit home that this problem wasn't going away any time soon. Well instead of feeling hopeless I took action! (go ahead and laugh at the promptness of my response!) The first thing I did was to try Folligen which would hopefully buy me some time while I figured out just what the heck was really going on. Test after test, blood work after bloodwork I began to rule out things like TE, AGE, AA and AU. Moved on from Folligen to Tricomin Spray, Nizoral 2%, etc.

None of the products did anything but I did end up getting a better diagnosis. I had significantly lower levels of estrogens from my birth control which resulted in my test/DHEA/cortisol overproducing and overrunning my estrogen and progesterone levels. DHT levels were off the charts.

Finally, I decided I needed a new game plan. I needed a way to balance my hormones and get my systems properly regulated. That's when I found Allied Natural and the Stimulair Program. Stimulair gave me exactly what I needed: a way to address all my deficiencies and imbalanced with one simple pill. It was good to find a system based on the hard science of hair growth, and similar systems really aren't available anywhere else on the internet or otherwise (beleive me, I've looked into everything).

Stimulair worked exactly as planned, exactly as claimed, and now my husband has his beautiful bride back. I try not to think about that dark period of my life anymore, but I just want to say THANK YOU ALLIED NATURAL for creating such an easy and effective solution. Wish I found you sooner!
age 32, TX
"All I wanted to do was cry"

"I live in California, I'm 29 years old, and I guess it was about a year ago now that I discovered some bald patches on my head, and over the next month I noticed even more. I saw not one but two doctors who both thought it was related to my thyroid. I was feeling really down in the dumps. What's worse is because I was so sad it made me feel even more sad because I was being vain by being so distraught over losing my hair. I really tried to conquer the sadness, but every time I looked in the mirror I felt utterly hopeless. Eating was impossible. Sleeping was impossible. Only crying was possible.

At some point I read an interview with a celebrity who had gone through a similar situation and used Stimulair with great success. So I decided to sign up for your monthly program. The second I saw new hairs poking through, in uniform pattern, across all my bald patches, I felt light and fluttery! It was like a huge weight had been lifted. It's been a few months now of taking it twice per day, and using the shampoo and conditioner, and you would have to really look hard to see the remnants of any of my bald patches. My hair isn't back to perfect but compared to where I was, I'm not going to complain!

I feel like Stimulair has rescued me from such a difficult and traumatic experience. "
age 27, CA
"I was scared people would see my scalp"

"As of writing this I am 34 years old. The first time I noticed any sort of issue with my hair was actually when I was about 17. In the years since then I've constantly been trying to hide my thinning hair through "creative" hair styles. It's a secret I've kept from everyone (mom, dad, boyfriend, EVERYONE) except my older sister. Even my husband has no clue. He must have noticed my hai is thin but I'm way too self conscious about it to talk about it with him and so he never asks but I know it bothers him. A few people here and there have commented on my hair being thin, but what I get every day which really really bothers me is seeing people's eyes glance up at the top of my head. no one says anything, which I guess I appreciate. Eventually, about two years ago, I made the decision to finally try and find out what I can about what is actually going on and what's wrong with my body. I went to my family's doctor and he did some tests for thyroid and of course they came back normal, at which point I was referred to a dermitologist who tested hormones and that came back normal too. the nurse told me to give Rogaine a try for a year and get a scalp biopsy. To tell you the truth, both of those options made me incredibly nervous and hesitant. It got to the point where I couldn't go out any more because I could never style my hair nice like everyone else. I never wanted to leave the house out of fear that people would see my scalp. I couldn't even swim anymore because when my hair is wet my scalp is clearly visible. Ugh it was awful. my life was in ruins.

And then I found the Stimulair System by Allied Natural. I was desperate for options so I enrolled in their program. honestly I didn't think it would work but boy was I wrong. My life is so different now. I can style my hair nicely. I can go out. I can go swimming. And it's all thanks to the Sitmulair system, which was all I needed to do this whole time. It's just so nice to finally have my life back."
age 34, TN
"Stimulair gave me a new life"

I started losing my hair when I hit 34. It was the most devestating, crushing, traumatic experience of my life. It came completely out of the blue, and you can see from the enclosed photos just how bad my hair loss got. I never left home without a hat.

I tried everything.

I was so desperate I think I tried every prescription drug, "home remedy" and herbal supplement on the market. Nothing worked. One day I found Allied Natural, and immediately purchased a month supply of Stimulair.

Immediately I could FEEL it working -I was fascinated

Out of everything I had tried before, nothing even came close to the way Stimulair felt. I will never forget the third month of being on Stimulair. Each day I would wake up, and a few more hairs had started to show through my scalp.

I was stunned at the results I saw in the third month.

I felt alive for the first time since I started losing my hair. Within five months of Stimulair, it was like I had a new life, I was confident, outgoing, relaxed and assertive. Thank you, Allied Natural. Stimulair gave me a new life."
age 36, Alberta
"I thought I was too old to grow my hair back"

"Even though I'm in my early 70's, and my family said my hair thinning was normal, I still couldn't stand it. I had always had thick hair, and something just felt wrong when I suddenly lost nearly a quarter of the hair on my head. That's when I purchased Stimulair off the Allied Natural website. After two months of taking it every day,

I saw a dramatic difference. But it only got better from there.

Now, 6 months after I took my first pill and gave my hair it's first wash with the Stimulair shampoo, my hair is just how I like it: full and thick. Simply amazing. Consider me a customer for life."
age 72, Florida
"For the first time in my life I have full hair"

"I'm 50 years old and I had been losing my hair since I was 17. I wasn't bald, but my hair was incredibly thin. I also suffered from oily hair, itching, and inflammation. Stimulair changed all that. I never thought that the hair I would have a full head of hair.

I wasn't even eligible for transplant surgery.

I started taking two pills of stimulair each day, and washing once per day with the Stimulair shampoo and Stimulair conditioner just like you recommend. I saw results in two months. Four months later my hear was growing like crazy! I will recommend Stimulair to anyone I ever meet suffering from hair loss."

age 50, Iowa
"The results were incredible"

"I've tried just about everything out there. At first I thought I would find some silver bullet. I tried drugs and diets and nothing seemed to work at all. That is, until I found Stimulair by Hair Innovations. The results were incredible. Just what I was looking for. Bravo. "
age 48, Calgary
"Not sure what's wrong"

"I started taking Stimulair because it worked well for my friend, but after one month, it's just not working for me. I don't know what's wrong. I'm going to return it. Please give me a return slip. "
age 51, Montana
"It wasn't easy, but it worked."

"After being recommended to Allied Natural and their Stimulair system by a friend, I purchased a month supply to get me started. I'm going to be honest, I never thought two pills per day and a shampoo would do a darn thing. But in the end, it worked. My phase III female pattern balding is just a memory and now I'm back to looking like a "normal woman" although I hate using that term."
age 42, Ontario
"So nice to see my hair grow"

"The Stimulair arrived just days after I placed my order -which I was pleased to see. It arrived every month on time, and after my problem had ended I sent back the final month's worth they had sent me and they were very good about taking it back. Thank you for everything. It's so nice to see my hair grow again."
age 49, Iowa
"Finally a reliable solution to hair loss"

"I'm a member of a womens hair loss support group in Illinois. We are 15 women who meet regularly to support each other as we suffer with hair loss. A month ago, one of our members began the Stimulair system and brought the pills and the shampoo & conditioner in to our meeting to talk about it. We all started the program after seeing her results, and each and every one of us has seen significant improvement. The program itself is very easy to keep up with (two pills per day and one quick wash). It works alright, it's just up to you to do it."
age 57, Illinois
"An approach I've not seen anywhere else"

"Two things happened after I lost my hair. The first was that I tried every method, every crazy home remedy, every supplement, every drug. I tried everything. Nothing worked. The second thing that happened is that I accepted I was going to have horrible hair forever. One day, I randomly stumbled upon Stimulair. I joined the program and was diligent about it. It's almost unbeleiveable the results I saw. At the time, my entire crown was balding. Now I'm happy to report I just have a barely noticeable spot. Incredible."
age 38, California
"Finally, something that actually works."

"Just wanted to write a quick note to say how nice it is to finally find something for hair loss that lives up to all the hype. Thanks for the wonderful product. It has been most helpful."
age 44, Maine
"The best kept secret in hair loss"

"I was skeptical when I placed my order for Stimulair, but quickly changed my mind. Their forumlations are potent and powerful -and based on research conducted with women who have beaten their hair loss. I don't know why women everywhere don't know about this, or are still trying "miracle cures" that don't work."
"A masterpiece of medical engineering"

"This product comes at a time when hair loss among women is inexplicably surging. After inexplicably losing my own hair, I was at a loss. I didn't want to buy junk products that I knew wouldn't work because I'm a scientist by profession. I would looking for something based on scientific data, and found it in the Stimulair System. The product proved to be effective, and was corroborated by enough data to not only satisfy me, but to impress me. I would recommende a thorough reading of the Science of Hair Loss to any individual. "
age 32, Iowa
"Hair Loss is a waitress's worst nightmare"

"I'm a waitress at TGI Fridays. When complaints started coming in more regularly that my customers were finding hair in their food, I knew I had to do something. But what to do? There are so many people out there trying to take advantage of women losing their hair... but Allied Natural is a trusted source, my hair dresser told me. First she shared your e-Book with me, the Science of Hair Growth. I was fascinated by all the wonderful information it contained. I decided to try Stimulair, because I didn't want to purchase all the supplements I needed individually (after all, money is tight.) Now, months later, I can honsetly say that it has helped me beat this terrible problem. Five stars."
age 50, Iowa
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Hair loss is on the rise across the US and Canada, in both men and women. The rise is too sudden and dramatic to be caused by genetics alone. Our company has researched this phenomenon extensively, and written an e-Book that delves into the modern scientific understanding of hair growth, hair loss, and how it can be controlled.

For a more comprehensive explanation of the current scientific understanding on what is causing hair loss in both men and women, as well as the science behind hair growth, we recommend you read our e-Book.

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While other hair loss systems require you to take them forever or lose the results you've gained, our special diet guidelines laid out in "Hair Growth Secrets" help correct your hair loss with diet, so you can maintain your results long after you've stopped using Stimulair. Available for a limited time only.

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