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" Thank-you Allied Natural, Stimulair works. Seeing is believing. "

— Ari

" I am in my third month using Stimulair and haven't seen any new growth. Although in the first month I only took one pill a day, I am now back on track taking the prescribed daily amount. My twin sister is going on her fifth month and her hair is coming in like crazy. I will continue to stick with the program and I am looking forward to a head full of new hair. "

— Lynn C

" Have been taking Stimulair for 3 months now and cannot believe how much my thin spots are growing in. Would definitely recommend this to you anyone with thinning hair or if someone just wanted fuller hair. "

— E Irvine

"Ever since my friend Virginia recommend Stimulair, I have used it with good results. My hairdresser tells me my hair is a lot stronger now!! I also have recommended it to my sisters and friends."

— T Ruesta

"I was very worried losing lots of hair back in January of 2011. I found Stimulair through google and love it! I started getting my hair back only 3 weeks after I started using it. I recommended Stimulair to a lot of my friends in South America and in the U.S. as well. They often buy it through me and are also very happy themselves!!"

— Virginia

"Love this product!! Have only been using it for 4 months and have seen remarkable results in such a short time. Within the first month of use, all breaking and loss of hair had stopped and regrowth had begun. Now I have fuller, thicker hair and also have regrowth in bald spots where hair had not grown in years!! I highly recommend this product."

— Pat

"I have taken Stimulair for several months. I can feel a difference in my hair texture and my scalp. My hair feels strong, also Stimulair has given me more energy. The vitamins are Awesome!"

— Bruce

"My name is Betty, I'm 78yrs old. I've been taking Stimulair pills for my hair for 4 months now - and I've noticed a difference, even my beautician said this new hair is getting in the way. Know, I told her not to talk about my thin spots filling in. I'm very thankful for each new hair I see. So I'm satisfied with Stimulair very much and I take it faithfully twice a day. Thank you very much Allied Natural LLC."

— Betty

"After about a month of using Allied Natural, I noticed a thickening of the hair on my sclp. though I don't think it grew new hair, the thicker hair helped to cover up my balding spots. "

"I have been using Stimulair for about 4 months and have seen a huge difference. My hair is growing in thicker and fuller. Thanks so much for this opportunity to express my appreciation. "

"Devastated by strands of hair in the tub, on the bathroom floor, and what seemed like endless shedding every time a comb or brush touched my head I knew I had to do something. After starting the vitamins - the hair loss stopped dramatically. I am no longer afraid to brush or comb my hair!! I no longer dread washing my hair, and I actually noticed "tufts" of hair growing from my hairline. I've even begun giving these vitamins to my closest friends! "

"Everything in this product is doing the job well. Results is amazing. My hair has stopped falling out just from the first month. My hair is feeling much better and so am I. Thank-you. "

"This product works! I used to lose handfuls of hair in the shower and I don't anymore. I love this product. After trying everything I finally found something that works!!"

"I have used Stimulair for 3 months and have noticed an improvement in the growth of my hair and the thickness."

"Finally something that really works! I am thrilled with the result of Stimulair. I began losign my hair in my early 30s. It was falling out by the handfuls. It would be all over my pillow case in the morning and to take a shower and shampoo was a horrifying experience due to the hair left on the floor of the shower. I tried everything on the market including giving up coloring my hair and nothing helped. I happened to come across this amazing supplement in September, 2011 and thought I'd give it a try. I never mentioned it to my husband, and yet a few weeks ago he was standing behind me while I was seated and he said "I don't know what you are doing to your hair but keep doing it because I can't see your scalp anymore." I was ecstatic! If you have thin hair or your hair is beginning to fall out give this a try. The customer service is just wonderful and you can cancel at anytime. Thank you everyone at Stimulair!!"

"I am a 27 year old mom who struggled with thinning hair for years. I had full beautiful hair when I was a teen, at 22 my hair started falling and thinning. Since then I've tried everything on the market, nothing worked so when I came across Stimulair I was sure that this too would be a disappointment. Boy was I wrong, in the first 2 months you couldn't see my scalp my hair was growing fast and no more falling strands. I love my hair now. I'm so happy about this product. Thanks to Stimulair my hair is growing beautifully."
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